20 reasons to download the literary app « A text A day »

A text A day

1/ You will meet the Weird Sisters and Lear’s three daughters.

2/ You will read the quote from Byron that is at the beginning of Into the Wild.

3/ You will learn the US Declaration of Independence by heart.

4/ You will explore the best-selling novel of the 19th century.

5/ You will see the sentence from Dickens that is mentioned in Sex in the City.

6/ You will know why Moby Dick has inspired the series Battlestar Galactica.

7/ You will get what ‘Simon Legree’ and Southern Belle mean.

8/ You will discover unknown writers such as J.M. Synge, an Irish playwright.

9/ You will realize that Gulliver has an uncommon first name.

10/ You will remember that Katherine Mansfield is from New-Zealand.

11/ You will reconsider the rules of versification in English literature.

12/ You will agree that it might be useful to have jewels considering Dorian Gray.

13/ You will test your American geography knowledge from the mountains to the prairies.

14/ You will understand why translation might be an issue.

15/ You will find – animated – movies from your childhood with Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and The Jungle Book.

16/ You will not forget that Victor Frankenstein only refers to the scientist.

17/ You will not be afraid of Virginia Woolf and her feminist perspective.

18/ You will make the distinction between the Brontë Sisters.

19/ You will do the best you can to rescue Amy March.

20/ You will read the most beautiful declarations of love from Wuthering Heights to The Great Gatsby.

You will realize that there are many other reasons to have this app. Wait no longer and download A text A day!

Written by Nicolas Gosnet



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